Who are we? We are Bill Me Right!

Bill Me Right is an organization that was born from a strong conviction to accomplish one clearly defined mission:  To assist the millions of Americans that are being provided products or services which are of poor quality or that are victims of unfair or excessive billing practices. Our team will deliver expert level negotiation services fueled by an unparalleled knowledge of each specific industry and resulting in a lower monthly bill amount.
What does that mean?  Our Team can save you thousands of dollars each year by approaching your providers for you.  You will work with an expert that has a clear understanding of how these companies do things and that can mean the difference between getting a NO and getting the discounts that you deserve.
There are some things best left to a professional and this is one of them.  If we need a haircut most of us turn to a trained barber or beautician. Why?  In many cases the result would be pretty bad if we did it ourselves.  Same goes with the matter of negotiating your bills.  You may be better off if you try the haircut because it will grow back.  That is not the case if you would cut out savings.  And you don't pay one cent if we aren't able to reduce your bills!

How did Bill Me Right begin?

Bill Me Right was formed after a group of friends began to see a significant shift in their diverse career fields. Suddenly customer service, which had once been a priority, was often discouraged in attempts to cut corners or increase profits. Customer concerns began to increase by significant numbers as a result of skyrocketing bills and additional charges that they were not advised about. The tides began to rapidly change ways from a time that they were a part of an organization that once provided a pleasant experience for their customers to a culture that placed most of their attention toward profit and the least on customers.  All together this group had more than 100 years working in cable tv, internet and telephone service, wireless phone, home security and the list goes on.
These friends quickly became aware that each of them was unhappy with what had become the new normal within their companies. Each of them had expert level status within their types of industry and it was soon realized that together they could turn their attention back to the customers and help them with their constant battles with their service providers. Even the most savvy consumers were often getting nowhere when attempting to handle these situations alone and would ultimately end up defeated and still overpaying.   Each of these friends left their places of employment and determined that they could effect the most change by focusing their efforts on fighting the ever increasing cost for the services they once supported.
It was because of this realization that Bill Me Right was born.  In just a few short years, consumers in the US have successfully been able to reduce their bills using the process that we use today, the total savings reaches into the multi-millions of dollars!  But we're just getting started! Our promise to you is to continue to direct our focus on the consumer first.
 We would love to add you to our list of success stories and help you reduce your monthly bills.  We are so confident that we will deliver savings that we will give you a $25 Restaurant Gift Card just for letting us try! 


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